Brigada Kafka

First aid for bureaucratic breakdown

The Kafkabrigade is a network of independent, not-for-profit action research teams, comprizing researchers from Amsterdam and The Hague (The Netherlands), Boston (USA), Canada, Northern Ireland and Wales (UK) and Mexico. Our mission is to tackle the bureaucratic dysfunction and red tape which prevents people from accessing the services they need and that constrain and frustrate public service staff.

The Kafkabrigade studies the causes of bureaucratic dysfunction in public organisations. In our research, we take the perspective of the citizen or the professional as a starting point. We focus on the public value an organisation wants to achieve and how rules, procedures, and structures prevent the organisation from doing so. We work closely together with professionals in the organisation to realise innovation.


We can help your organisation:

  • Reduce red tape
  • Tackle complex bureaucratic dysfunction through case research
  • Train your staff in the Kafkabrigade’s principles
  • Foster cooperation between organisations
  • Redesign processes for service delivery
  • Introduce innovation


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