I am a professor and researcher of public administration at CIDE in Mexico City. I write about prevention, security, and bureaucracy. I am also director of Brigada Kafka, an action research organisation that tackles red tape and bureaucratic dysfunction.



Dr. R. (Rik) Peeters

nationality:   Dutch

residence:     Mexico City

education:    MA in Public Administration, MSc in Political Science, PhD in Public Administration

expertise:     Researcher, lecturer, project manager, advisor


I am a professor of public administration at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) in Mexico City. My main areas of expertise are prevention, security, governance of risks, and bureaucracy.

I am also founder and director of Brigada Kafka, an action research institute aimed at tackling bureaucratic dysfunction and red tape. Previously, I was a researcher and lecturer at the Tilburg School of Politics and Public Administration (Tilburg University) in the Netherlands. I also worked as a researcher and programme manager at the Netherlands School of Public Administration, the country’s premier provider of public sector executive education and an independent centre of applied research, critical thought, and strategic advice about politics and governance.

I received my master’s degrees in Public Administration from Tilburg University and in Political Philosophy from Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2013, I received my PhD from Tilburg University for my doctoral dissertation, ‘The Preventive Gaze: How Prevention Transforms our Understanding of the State’. I (co-)authored three books and regularly publish in both international academic journals and for the general public.

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